Mar Vista Art Walk x Small Business Saturday

This last year of Mar Vista Art Walk has been magical! 

We love getting to know the different artists, musicians and vendors who come to MV just for Art Walk. But moreover, we love being able to bring MV community, shops, restaurants, stores, neighbors, local musicians and artists, together for 4 magic filled nights every year!

We can't believe last #MarVistaArtWalk is now 2 years old!!! Thank you to everyone for making these 2 years so special. We are excited to keep bringing Mar Vista art, music, people and businesses together for our quarterly art walk!

Amazing video by Andy Cantwell of all the fun! 
Music by Runson Willis "bbbonbbb" from his 2017 EP Suspicious Arts
By Foxtrails, with a sneak peak from their soon to be released 2018 EP. 
Showcased speakers Dane Sandborg and Micah Sohl.

Lenore French