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What Color Was Your Day


Vanessa Rivera // What Color Was Your Day

Buckwild Gallery
1.19 – 1.26 2019

Exhibition Opening
Saturday, 19 January 2019  
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Buckwild Gallery - 12804 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Free admission – RSVP required
In this series of paintings, Vanessa Rivera explores emotional expression through color. What Color Was Your Day is a transition from Rivera's previous figurative paintings. She uses colorful abstract backgrounds to create an inner dialogue with the viewer.
For the past year, Rivera has been using her own emotions, highs and lows, as an experiment in abstract color language. She invites the viewer to create his or her own interpretation of the emotion to create a narrative. Typically, the interpretation is a reflection of the viewers inner feelings. The emotions portrayed in these pieces range from excitement, confusion, depression, and in some pieces, many emotions combined.
Emotion and color have always played huge factors in Rivera’s work. She reflects emotions in her pieces that every human can relate to and aims to create compassion and empathy in the viewer. For Rivera, art is a form of self-care. She says, “Emotion is energy and must be transformed. You can choose to transform it into something damaging, or something beautiful and healing.”
About Vanessa Rivera
Vanessa Rivera is a Los Angeles based artist with an education in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California. Rivera’s work is an ongoing investigation into emotions created through the human experience. Rivera’s work is a mixture of abstract expressionism and figurative painting. The viewer is welcomed to enter a dream-like world surrounded by clouds of color, directing the viewer away from the physical world and into a self-created narrative.

When Rivera’s father passed away in 2009, she couldn't express her emotions vocally.Rivera found solace in painting and was only able to express herself artistically. In art, she found security in the ability to release herself. Hence her high emphasis on communicating through color. Rivera believes that one of the key factors in life is to know how to deal with our own emotions and mental health. With the lack of mental health resources in inner city communities, like the one she grew up in, Rivera believes it is pivotal for everyone to find an outlet.
Rivera’s work has been exhibited throughout Los Angeles, including the USC Roski Lindhurst Gallery, the Fisher Museum, Gallery 950 at The Met, LAUNCH Gallery, Gallery 38, NWO Art Gallery, Buckwild Gallery, Leimin Space and Palazzo Vagnotti in Italy.

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