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Gallery Artists

Exhibit your work in local businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and more!

The theme for the November 24th Art Walk is Inner Giving. The pieces you submit should fit our theme! You can interpret Inner Giving in all sorts of ways. On larger scale, Inner Giving can mean supporting your community and local businesses during the crazy holiday season, rather than giving money and energy to large corporations. On a more personal level, Inner Giving means giving to and loving yourself, so you have love and energy to give to others. What does Inner Giving mean to you?

Applications will close midnight the night of Saturday, November 3. You should hear back from one of our team members within one week of applying.

Our exhibition spaces:

Atmosphere Mar Vista

An open air cafe perfect for meeting with friends or catching up on a good book, Atmosphere is a Mar Vista staple.

All About Color Salon

It's in the name - this exhibition space is all about color! Abstract paintings really shine here.

Quia Daiyn

The newest restaurant in the neighborhood! Quia Daiyn will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with American faves and traditional Oaxacan cuisine.

Saby's Cafe

This family-run taco joint is the newest addition to our exhibition spaces.

Art Walk Open Air Gallery

Our custom built exhibition walls create an open air gallery at one of the main stages. Your work will be showcased for the day of Art Walk and be ready for pick up the following morning.

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