Share your craft with the Mar Vista community on Saturday, July 13! Vendors are placed near the main stages or in front of local businesses. Our awesome local business owners will provide access to power, so bring plenty of extension chords, power strips, and lighting to plug in and showcase your work! We invite traditional and digital artists, woodworkers, decor designers, apothecary artisans, jewelers, clothing crafters, ceramic and glassware artists, and more! Bring a buddy if you'd like, so you can take a break to see the rest of the Walk.

The Block Party, curated by Edrok One, happens at the east end of the Art Walk, around the Council Thrift Shop. If this is the section you’d like to be in, visit their site directly.


Premium vendor spaces allow you to bring your own 10' x 10' tent/canopy and guarantee placement in a high traffic area near one of our music stages or activations, where visitors in the buying mood will know to look for you! The $115 is tax deductible because we are organized by the non-profit Green Communications Initiative. We'll send you info to pay online or by check after you're approved.


Standard vendor spaces are roughly 6 x 4 feet on the sidewalk in front of a participating business. You can bring a couple small tables and chairs and free standing grid walls or similar displays are permitted, as long as they don't block the business entrance or signage.

We do not allow canopies on most of the sidewalk because we want to keep our sidewalks walkable! If you are approved as a standard vendor and need to bring your canopy, you will be placed in areas with larger sidewalks west of Centinela Ave.

Our vendor fee is a donation in the amount of your choice to our founding non-profit organization, Green Communications Initiative. Once your application is approved, our team will send you the donation details. Please note that a larger donation does not guarantee a higher traffic placement!


The theme for the Saturday, July 13, 2019 Art Walk is Get Around! We love when artists incorporate the theme. It’s not required, but it’s super fun for visitors!

We're celebrating and exploring alternative transportation, adding shuttles, LA Metro bikes, and more to our event. The biggest news? We're partnering with Venice Art Crawl to expand our reach from the Beach to the 405!


Application deadline - Sunday, June 9. You should hear back from one of our team members within one week of applying.

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